Because of our visibility and commitment, we are one of the main sources of cultural information, news and gospel entertainment in the Metro Atlanta Area.

Whether they come from Aruba, Bahamas, Grenada or Jamaica, Caribbean Americans are a fast-growing market. As a result of the continuous migration of individuals from the Caribbean, the demand for Caribbean news, music, and entertainment is heavily needed, and we are the only full-time source providing this information.

Our Goal is to promote our businesses, traditions, and lifestyles to other ethnic communities and we welcome advertisers to expose their own services to the Atlanta area and around the world.

We want to be the Caribbean voice, right here in the ATL a voice that Provides Caribbean people a voice in the community to express thoughts and views. To be Recognized by the Caribbean community, to be informative, creative and respectful of Caribbean heritage that is the mission and aim here at IRIE ATL.


Pastor Blair
On Air Host
Br. Willam Brown
On Air Personality